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Let's Try This Again by Jordyn Woodtke

Let's Try This Again

by Jordyn Woodtke

Available as an e-book

"Exactly what every 20-something girl needs in her life right now. Jordyn is your new best friend you didn't know you needed."

- Dannea Reali

"First book I've read since the 11th grade, and I'm so glad I chose this one. Too much fun to read and so relatable. It was like she could read my mind."

- Jenna Poist

"I have a new perspective and appreciation for the daily life of any female growing up with a dream in this crazy manipulative world. Attention all boyfriends: Read this book."

- Ben Stokes

The Look Cookers! by Jim Malloy

The Look Cookers!

by Jim Malloy

Story Monsters Ink - April 2016 Issue

Reviewer: Darleen Wohleil

"I loved this book!


From cover to cover, it had me. It’s one of those shelf-jumpers. You round the corner and it shouts, “Hey! Pick me!” The story by Jim Malloy is clever, creative, and insightful. His sensitivity transforms the timid into the powerful.


Matthew, our story’s leading character, has learned in the most ingenious way to overcome his fear, and dominate an otherwise intimidating situation. The inventive wording in this story will bring lots of chuckles and laughs. Hannah Stephey’s crackerjack illustrations take the tale over the top and into a crowning success!


From the layout to the extras found within, the entire experience keeps you wanting more."


The Look Cookers! by Jim Malloy

The Look Cookers!

by Jim Malloy

Midwest Book Review - March 2016

Reviewer: James A Cox, Editor-In-Chief

Diane Donovan, Editor

"First in an exciting new series, The Look Cookers! is an award -winning, imaginative children's book about a boy named Matthew who is terrified of what he calls 'the Look Cookers,' kids who use their gaze to make direct eye contact and see all his private secrets!


Matthew decides to be an Eye Spy to avoid the dreaded Look Cookers on his first bus ride to school. Dazzling action portraits show Matthew and all his classmates in dramatic poses enhanced by Matthew's feverish imagination. He names different categories of Look Cookers, such as harmless Glance Dancers, the dreaded Blink Drinkers, a messy Gawk Stalker, a Peek Seeker, A Stare Darer, a bunch of Gape Scrapers, and the super scary Sight Biter!


Somehow Matthew survives his scary ride to school and just as the bus pulls up, he remembers his secret weapon as an Eye Spy: It is a pair of dark glasses! A fun part of the package of "The Look Cookers" is a separate, giant post card size Top Secret Certificate for the reader agent Eye Spy, with space for the Eye Spy's name!


Winner of a Mom's Choice Award honoring excellence, The Look Cookers! is an imagination-and-courage-inspiring book for readers ages 5-10."

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