The Look Cookers! by Jim Malloy
The Look Cookers!

by Jim Malloy, illustrated by Hannah Stephey


Matthew is a normal boy in every way but one.  He is a secret agent.  Not just any kind of secret agent.  He is an eye spy.


The Enemy:  The Look Cookers

His Mission:  The first day of school

The Goal:  Make to school without being 'cooked'


In fact, Matthew is shy.  He doesn't like eye contact.  In his imagination, he thinks that anyone who looks at him has special powers.  They are the Look Cookers!  Find out more at

Return Of The Look Cookers! by Jim Malloy
Return Of The Look Cookers!

by Jim Malloy, illustrated by Hannah Stephey

Matthew faces a new challenge in this, the second book in The Look Cookers! series.  And it could be his toughest mission yet as an Eye Spy!  It’s not just about outfoxing the dreaded Look Cookers!  This one is wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night difficult.


Discover the secret of his mission.  Tag along as Matthew encounters the Look Cookers, meets a new friend and discovers just how brave he can be tip-toeing at the edge of apprehension.


Is our hero up to the task?  Can he succeed against the odds?  Will Matthew gain another notch of confidence in his secret agent belt?  All will be revealed in Return of The Look Cookers!

Pots and Pans by Jim Malloy
Pots and Pans

by Jim Malloy

In development

A little girl wakes up one day on a beautiful grassy hill in a magical kingdom only to find out that she doesn’t have a name.  Oh dear. 


Share her journey as she travels to a nearby village where everyone she meets suggests a name – but none fit.  The butcher thinks Meat and Potatoes would be perfect, the blacksmith likes Leather Bellows, and the chef offers Pots and Pans - to name a few.  Each time she giggles and chants “Nooo.  That’s not a name for a little girl!”  Until she meets a young couple living in a house with bright blue shutters at the edge of town.  And they have just the right name for the little girl.