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Original artwork

by Jim Malloy


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Current Exhibits

The Meetinghouse RPAC exhibit.jpg

Latest work

Root Souls Of Blue Trees

Root Souls & Blue Trees II_edited_edited

Root Souls Of Blue Trees II

Fractured Memory #1

Dance Of The Nubile Nymphs.jpg
Fractured Memory #2 - 5MB.jpg

Fractured Memory #2

Dance Of The Nubile Nymphs

No Man's Land by Jim Malloy.jpg

No Man's Land

Midnight Rendevous (2).jpg
Yes Man's Land by Jim Malloy.jpg

Yes Man's Land

Midnight Rendezvous

Above Us Only Sky by Jim Malloy.jpg
Down By The River by Jim Malloy.jpg

Above Us Only Sky

Down By The River



Elysium in Blue.jpg

Elysium in Blue

River Girl by Jim Malloy

River Girl

Elysium in Blue #2 by Jim Malloy.jpg

Elysium in Blue #2

Ghost Town by Jim Malloy.jpg

Ghost Town

The Mirth Machine.jpg

The Mirth Machine

A Moment Of Indecision by Jim Malloy.jpg

A Moment Of Indecision

A River Runs Through Him by Jim Malloy.jpg

A River Runs Through Him

The Mind Boggles by Jim Malloy.jpg

The Mind Boggles

Winter's Window by Jim Malloy.jpg

Winter's Window

The Pulse Quickens by Jim Malloy.jpg

The Pulse Quickens

Chasing Waterfalls by Jim Malloy.jpg

Chasing Waterfalls

The Wall Between Us.jpg

The Wall Between Us

Yeti Woman Wondering.jpg

Yeti Woman Wondering

Tears Of An Otherwise Stoic Man.jpg

Tears Of An Otherwise Stoic Man

At An Undisclosed Location by Jim Malloy

At An Undisclosed Location


Broken Stroke by Jim Malloy.jpg

Broken Stroke

All Shook Up by Jim Malloy.jpg
Canned Fantasy by Jim Malloy.jpg

Canned Fantasy

Structure in Chaos by Jim Malloy.jpg

Structure In Chaos

All Shook Up

Eye Of The Storm by Jim Malloy.jpg

Eye of The Storm

Fallingwater by Jim Malloy - new.jpg

Falling Water

Echoes of A Former Self by Jim Malloy.jpg

Echoes Of A Former Self

Untitled by Jim Malloy (2).jpg

Birth Of A Universe

Lock & Key.jpg

Lock and Key

The Idea Rising by Jim Malloy.jpg

Idea Rising

Greek Mythology Series


Hades - SOLD






Hermes - SOLD





City Scape by Jim Malloy crop.jpg

City Scape #1

Gallery Opened.jpg

Gallery - Open


Gallery - Closed

The Kiss

Copper Mind #1 by Jim Malloy.jpg

Copper Mind #1

Copper Mind #2 by Jim Malloy.jpg

Copper Mind #2

Imprints by Jim Malloy.jpg


Monet Chairs #1 by Jim Malloy.jpg

Monet Chairs #1

Monet Chairs #3 by Jim Malloy.jpg

Monet Chairs #3

Even Fall by Jim Malloy.jpg

Even Fall

Monet Chairs #2 by Jim Malloy.jpg

Monet Chairs #2

Day Dream by Jim Malloy.jpg

Day Dream

Masts In Morning by Jim Malloy.jpg

Masts In Morning

City (Still) Life by Jim Malloy.jpg

City (Still) Life - SOLD

3-26-19   1.jpg

Confetti Kiss

Sea (Still) Life by Jim Malloy.jpg

Ocean (Still) Life

Country (Still) Life by Jim Malloy.jpg

Country (Still) Life

3-11-19   1.jpg

Enigma Ridge

3-25-19   3.jpg

Popsicle People #1

3-25-19   2.jpg

Popsicle People #2

3-25-19   1.jpg

Popsicle People #3

Blockhead Tries To Smile.jpg

Blockhead Tries To Smile

Blue Mood.jpg

Blue Mood

What A World.jpg

What A World

12-12-18   5.jpg

Silent Vigil

12-12-18   3.jpg

Pinot Noir

12-12-18   4.jpg

Stale Mates

Signature Song Series



Moon Dance.jpg

Moon Dancers


Torch Song

And The Cherry Tree.jpg

The Cherry Tree

Wild Night.jpg

Wilder Night

11-13-18   3.jpg


Pastel Mood Series

11-1-18   6.jpg

Pastel Mood #1

11-1-18   7.jpg

Pastel Mood #2

11-1-18   8.jpg

Pastel Mood #3

Line Language Series

11-16-18   3.jpg
11-16-18   4.jpg

Flights of Fancy Series

Free Bird.jpg
11-16-18   1.jpg
11-5-18   11.jpg
11-9-18   6.jpg

String Theory Series

12-12-18   1.jpg

Introspective Nude

12-12-18   2.jpg

Lost Weekend

12-17-18   5.jpg

Curiously Sad 

Aqua Maze Series

Small Fish.jpg

No Strings Attached Series

Wooden Ships #1.jpg
Deconstructed Fretboard.jpg
Wooden Ships #2.jpg

All artwork copyright Jim Malloy

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