Original artwork

by Jim Malloy

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Resident Artist

Current Exhibits

Carriage Barn Art Gallery New Canaan CT

Still River Gallery

Barn Gallery & Frame Shop

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Latest work

The Kiss

Copper Mind #1

Copper Mind #2


Monet Chairs #1 by Jim Malloy.jpg

Monet Chairs #1

Monet Chairs #3 by Jim Malloy.jpg

Monet Chairs #3

Even Fall

Monet Chairs #2 by Jim Malloy.jpg

Monet Chairs #2

Day Dream

Masts In Morning

City (Still) Life by Jim Malloy.jpg

City (Still) Life

3-26-19   1.jpg

Confetti Kiss

Sea (Still) Life by Jim Malloy.jpg

Ocean (Still) Life

Country (Still) Life by Jim Malloy.jpg

Country (Still) Life

3-11-19   1.jpg

Enigma Ridge

Popsicle People #1

Popsicle People #2

Popsicle People #3

Blockhead Tries To Smile.jpg

Blockhead Tries To Smile

Blue Mood.jpg

Blue Mood

What A World.jpg

What A World

12-12-18   5.jpg

Silent Vigil

12-12-18   3.jpg

Pinot Noir

12-12-18   4.jpg

Stale Mates

Signature Song Series



Moon Dance.jpg

Moon Dancers


Torch Song

And The Cherry Tree.jpg

The Cherry Tree

Wild Night.jpg

Wilder Night


Pastel Mood Series

11-1-18   6.jpg

Pastel Mood #1

11-1-18   7.jpg

Pastel Mood #2

11-1-18   8.jpg

Pastel Mood #3

Line Language Series

Flights of Fancy Series

Free Bird.jpg
11-5-18   11.jpg
11-9-18   6.jpg

String Theory Series

Introspective Nude

Lost Weekend

Curiously Sad 

Aqua Maze Series

No Strings Attached Series

All artwork copyright Jim Malloy