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Don't touch this.  Really?  


LOL.  I knew you would.  You are my kind a person!  Bold. Inquisitive.  Fun. Willing to take a chance.

So check this out.  Sex.  Love.  Guys.  Shots.  Parties. Josie has been there - done that.  And suddenly her life has become very complicated.

One girl.  Two guys.  A new life in LA.  It's all happening so fast and it's all a little out of control.  Complicated.  But hot.


And it's all in Let's Try This Again.  My best novel yet. Okay, truth - it's my first novel.  But it's hot.  Believe me.  I wrote it.

And I'm going to let you in on a little secret.  

If you order Let's Try This Again - right now - you'll get an extra gift no one else will get.

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*  PLUS instantly become an INSIDER!  You don't want to miss it.  There is video

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And Thank You!!!  I know you will love it!  Promise!


~ jordyn


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