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The Look Cookers Book Signing 

Jim Malloy and The Look Cookers on the road!

National award winning author Jim Malloy is available for an exciting book signing in your area.  Don't miss the opportunity to meet the author and get a signed copy of The Look Cookers!   The 'cookers' will be there too!  Lots of fun for everyone - and free stuff for the kids!


EXCLUSIVE for  Booksellers

FUN  for Everyone!

  • Get lots of free stuff for the kids!

  • Enter to win giveaways and contests!

  • Take fun 'selfies' with the characters!

  • Chat with the author - he's a very friendly guy!

  • Get the secret story behind the story!

  • Get a personalized, signed copy of The Look Cookers!

  • Become instantly famous on YouTube - well, sort of...

  • Save money - with an exclusive event discount!

  • PLUS!  An exclusive free gift with every purchase

Generate extra excitement and traffic for your store.  The Look Cookers Author Tour is easy to arrange and tons of fun for your patrons:   


  • Complete set-up and event planning provided

  • Lifesized characters spark curiosity and interest

  • Free gifts and giveaways insure everyone has fun

  • Advance marketing supports the tour and your store

  • Dedicated social media creates buzz & awareness 

  • YouTube channel features tour highlights

  • Special pricing available for your store 

  • And who knows - there may be a surprise for you!

Schedule  a Look Cookers  event for your store!

Events are scheduled in the order they are received.  

Hurry - reserve your date today!  

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