Book Signing - Event Details

A free and completely turnkey event for your store! 

Book signings generate interest, traffic, excitement and a unique experience that customers seek from their neighborhood bookstore.  Unavailable online, book signings let readers meet and connect with authors - some

for the first time.


The Look Cookers! Book Signing Tour takes that a step further.  The event is as much about being fun and entertaining as it is about the book (which is fun and entertaining) or the author (ditto).


Free.  There is no out-of-pocket cost.  Please note:  the event is a book signing, not a presentation or a reading.



Each event will be pre-announced and promoted extensively via web, social media, PR, and email by 3 Dreams Creative Enterprises.  Local print and broadcast media will be contacted.  


Booksellers are also encouraged promote the event in advance utilizing best practices and methods that are cutomary for the store.



Completely turnkey - if you have a table - great. If not we provide that too.  The event is tailored to fit your space. A typical setup is as follows:

  • Table, table cover & wraparound skirt 

  • School bus backdrop (optional)

  • Standup characters (see photo on Author Tour page)

  • Books on display stands and stacked on the table

  • Free giveaways, handouts and contests to generate interest in the title and engagement with the author

  • One outgoing, energetic, charismatic author in a trend setting Look Cooker tie



It is encouraged for stores to pre-order a minimum of 25 copies of The Look Cookers! in advance from Baker & Taylor, Brodart or your favorite wholesaler.  Books can be provided on a consignment basis at a discount of 50% off

the event sale price (not the list price).  Experience has shown that setting an "Exclusive Book Signing Special Price" of $10 generates the most traffic and sales.  It is an exceptional offer for a signed copy of The Look Cookers!


Additional inventory of The Look Cookers! wil be tranported and available at the event to insure that every customer is happy and every sale is captured.



To be announced soon!  More fun than a barrel of Look Cookers! 



Click on the Book Tour page to schedule your Look Cookers! Book Signing Event